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The best way to promote a healthy environment and our health is to be physically active and to have a healthy diet, rich in organic food.

Vranic Organic is a project which represents our contribution to the improvement of a healthy lifestyle, development of organic agriculture and environmental protection in Serbia.

We started the project “Vranic Organic” few years ago when we began to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for our family and our friends on our family estate in Vranic. Through this work, we met some of the best traditional organic farmers in Serbia, from whom we bought all of the plants we could not grow, but needed in our diet.

So, we came up with the idea to build our own online platform which can facilitate the supply and delivery of high quality fresh organic food from diligent farmers from Serbia and worldwide.

With the increase in peoples’ consciousness about the importance of healthy food, the need for organic food increased as well. So, we came up with the idea to start up an internet platform and thus facilitate the supply and delivery of high quality organic food made by diligent farmers from Serbia and worldwide to the a larger number of people.

We also use our internet platform to help farmers with marketing, quality improvement and distribution of their produces. One of our main goals is to help Serbia to start keeping up with developed countries and to eventually become a 100% Organic country that obtains its energy from renewable sources.






princip zdravlja


The Principle of Health

pricip ekologije


The Principle of Ecology

princip pravednosti


The Principle of Fairness

princip negovanja


The Principle of Care



In order to meet these ambitious goals, we are also registered with the Association of traditional organic farmers and all those who wish to support the “organic movement”.

We invite you to become part of the quiet revolution. By purchasing organic food you directly support development of organic agriculture, environment protection and promotion.


Sincerely yours,

Maja and Petar




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